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20 Feb 2021 HitBTC KYC SCAM. RETURN MY FUNDS . As you may know, our preferred language is Chinese, not English, so I do provide you all 

What the hell are these requirements,  14 votes, 68 comments. Hitbtc can open an account without KYC and can also do business. However, there was no hint of anything, funds could not be … If anyone has had any luck ever getting funds out after KYC on HitBTC please offer some guidance. And for anyone new, absolutely, at all costs stay AWAY from  1 day ago My KYC process still lasts four months and as I understand it, Hitbtc delay it out endlessly, endlessly checking documents and conducting  20 Feb 2021 HitBTC KYC SCAM. RETURN MY FUNDS . As you may know, our preferred language is Chinese, not English, so I do provide you all  20 Feb 2021 Hitbtc support is completely dormant.

Hitbtc kyc reddit

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This time they completely ignored my requests. I have carefully studied hitbtc rules, and sent appropriate requests regarding observance of my rights to the appropriate email (dpo@hitbtc.com, legal@hitbtc.com), but did not receive a response. I also informed the following I have about 5300$ worth in HITBTC and i have spent more than a week trying to contact support about why they willl not let me withdraw my money. I submitted a KYC form and i still have no been able to withdraw my money. Do not under any circumstances use HitBTC as a crypto trading platform. When I post on this topic on reddit, I get bullshit copy-paste responses (all support requirements have been met long ago and all necessary documents have been provided). lie (copy-paste answer) As a result, They didn't ask for anything or update my ticket.

The great and fearsome John McAfee has been waging war against HitBTC for the past few This user is annoyed by the amount of personal data that the exchange requires for KYC. facebook; twitter; telegram; medium; reddit; copy- link

Hitbtc kyc reddit

My name is Vital, I am a client Hitbtc since 19, February, 2019. All this time, until recently, I have traded without problems. But Hitbtc decided rob me and blocked my account month ago.

Hitbtc kyc reddit

HitBTC is an exchange for the experienced cryptocurrency trader interested in trading altcoins. The exchange offers high liquidity and does not force KYC measures on its users (though it is recommended to verify your account to avoid potential issues. Its wide selection of altcoins makes it a great place for hunting low cap gems, but its unregulated nature raises some questions surrounding its

Hitbtc kyc reddit

The note needs to include your email address, the current date and “For HitBTC KYC 3 Ene 2019 El reddit de HitBTC, se ha empezado a llenar de usuarios alarmados del cliente (KYC), enviar todos los documentos y responder todas las  18 май 2019 Новая процедура «знай своего клиента» (KYC) HitBTC вызвала Reddit попытался обобщить проблемы использования HitBTC в  7 Jan 2019 Os usuários do Reddit explicam sua frustração com procedimentos de Know Your Customer (KYC) e a incapacidade de retirar fundos. 27 Jun 2018 HitBTC is one such exchange solution that has been providing know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws accordingly. The following instances are only from the last few days on the HitBTC Reddit.

This may not be the most popular section of crypto subreddits but has attracted attention from a couple of dissatisfied HitBTC clients. The issues that seem to come up evidently include hurdles as a result of unclear KYC practices.

Hitbtc kyc reddit

Companies provide exposure to various currencies, tokens, and assets, while making it easier for consumers and investors to gain access to these offerings. One particular exchange, which goes by the name of HitBTC, is seemingly subjected to a one-man crusade on Reddit as of right […] This email provider may delay HitBTC's emails. Please check Spam or Promotions folders or register with another email address. Confirm.

I have no such document. And especially for HITBTC I am not going to do them. This disrespect to customers. I have to look for another exchange. HitBTC is the fifth most-popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, handling $316 million worth of cryptocurrency trading in the last 24 hours according to coinmarketcap.com. According to its website, the exchange was launched in 2013 and offers trading in more than 300 cryptocurrencies.

Even though HitBTC is one of the older cryptocurrency exchanges out there, it is facing a lot of scrutiny. Ever since the company introduced stricter KYC verification procedures, users have complained about not being able to withdraw funds despite submitting all of the required information. HitBTC is in the spotlight again as the exchange froze many customers’ withdrawals before the annual proof-of-eyes event, as per dozens of customer complaints on Twitter and Reddit. One of the first open complaints was posted on Reddit on December 31. KYC procedure can take a long time on hitbtc, but I think it's the only major problem of this exchange.

27 Jun 2018 HitBTC is one such exchange solution that has been providing know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws accordingly. The following instances are only from the last few days on the HitBTC Reddit. 一個名為pedxs的Reddit用戶稱,HitBTC曾不斷要求他提供個人信息以完成KYC 驗證,但一直不讓他進行出金操作,目前他有6枚比特幣遭扣留,價值約4.19萬美元   8 Jan 2019 A HitBTC criou um burburinho na cripto esfera recentemente, com O tópico no Reddit declarou como o usuário comprou US$700 em Bitcoin, embora seus ativos, devido a uma falha no serviço know your customer (KYC). 22 Nov 2018 Electroneum added on HitBTC and the price reaction was a hes biggest mistake is that many ETN fighters have left reddit for this forum.

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Don't get scammed by HitBTC do your research! This is scam exchange which has been operating since before 2017. They scammed me and thousands more users,and you can find out about them on Reddit and the Internet. Do your research and take heed of our warnings. Don't become another victim. We will never forget you HitBTC!! Yes I can explain. Do

Language: English.

Reason 2: HitBTC’s bad reputation. There are dozens and dozens of negative posts concerning HitBTC on cryptocurrency communities such as Reddit. While we have no proof if HitBTC is deliberately stealing funds from some of their users, HitBTC has a pretty bad reputation for locking their users’ accounts, requiring them to submit AML/KYC

At the moment hitbtc Due to undisclosed reasons, u/hitbtc, the only moderator of r/hitbtc, has been suspended. Under Reddit rules, this makes r/hitbtc something akin to a terra nullius of the Internet's social media world.

I sent so my internet Bill , at my name and address --> Now, they didn't answer, they say on Twitter / Reddit that " we don't receive your e-mail " . 9 Jan 2019 Some Reddit accounts using HitBTC have raised their frustration with unreasonable KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and inability to  Trade on HitBTC · Services ICOs IEOs Benchy 2.8 Profile. KYC. Experts.